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 Consortium Partners
 Participants - Contribute funding to the consortium     

AgResearch; is New Zealand’s largest Crown Research Institute and is focused on delivering science to the livestock sector



Fonterra; New Zealands largest Dairy Business built on a rich  heritage of dairy expertise and passion.


Fert Research;  Funded by the Major Fertiliser suppliers promotes and encourages responsible, scientifically-based nutrient management.


PGG Wrightson; the primary goal of our research is to enhance farm productivity and profitability.






Dairy NZ Invests Dairy Farmer levies into research and services to benefit New Zealand Dairy Farmers




Deer Research;
A Joint venture between Deer Industry New Zealand and Agresearch investing in Research for Deer Farmers.





Beef+Lamb New Zealand;
is funded through farmer levies and provides services
to Sheep and Beef farmers.  


 Landcorp farming is a State owned enterprise  that operates throughout New Zealand with  Dairy, Sheep , Beef and Deer farming operations.   





Associate Members





Ministry for Primary Industries ; provide investment,  information, analysis and advice to the Government on issues affecting the economic and environmental performance of the sectors


NIWA; provide a scientific basis for the sustainable management and development of New Zealand’s atmospheric, marine and freshwater systems and associated resources.


Ministry of Business Innovation and employment  The New Zealand Government science funding agency



New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre. The centre invests in research to reduce methane , nitrous oxide and enhance soil carbon stocks.





Research Providers




AgResearch; is New Zealand’s largest Crown Research Institute


DairyNZ;  undertakes research in key areas of dairy farming and validates that research by proving how effective specific innovations are in improving on-farm productivity

LIC; an essential partner on farm and in food supply chains 



Lincoln University is one of eight government universities in New Zealand, with a history  stretching back more than a hundred and twenty five years.






PGgRc Newsletter #1

Thu, 11 Mar 2010 03:34:19 -0800

This is our first newsletter.We intend to send them out periodically, communicating to our stakeholders what our programme is about and what progress has been made. We hope you find this a quick read,
informative and useful in identifying what New Zealand farmers are doing to make themselves
more competitive in the emerging carbon conscious world.

Feel free to follow up on any enquires by contacting us.

Mark Aspin – Consortium Manager

PGgRc genetic breakthrough may help reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Thu, 28 Jan 2010 23:08:37 -0800


Cows, sheep and other ruminant animals produce their methane emissions because of microbes that live in their digestive systems, and the PGgRc funded team has successfully mapped the genetic information of one of the microbes responsible. This discovery will accelerate work altering the methane generation of the organism through vaccine and pharmo-medical interventions.The findings have been published today in noted science journal PLOS One and this makes this ground-breaking research available to the wider scientific community.

New Zealand leads world breakthrough in methane research

Mon, 02 Jun 2008 05:00:34 -0700

In a world first, New Zealand scientists have mapped the genetic sequence of a microbe, which produces methane from the rumen of cattle and sheep. 
With this understanding, the team of Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium scientists are now looking at ways of reducing the amount of methane farm animals produce – which in New Zealand accounts for 32 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions.

PGgRc seeking new opportunities

Sun, 16 Sep 2007 12:00:00 -0700

PGgRc has the science to establish if a mitigation solution will work. We want to work with any parties who believe that they have the evidence for a solution.